Vex 3 game

If you are up for some challenging game, you should test your skills in the Vex game series. Vex games are among the most popular games online. Help the stick figure do some running, jumping, swimming and sliding. You must move fast but not too fast for there are a lot of traps and obstacles along the way. Try the first and second version first and see for yourself if you can get through in each and every level. If indeed you had survived the two games, then go on with the third edition. But of course, you can always choose which installment you want to play.

Vex 3 is said to be the hardest and most challenging sequel of the game series. It was engineered with more and harder obstacles. It also requires more complex actions and strategies from the stick figure. The stick figure will do more than running, jumping, swimming and sliding. There are levels that he will need to do some acrobatic acts. And swiftness is always needed while avoiding or going through the obstacles.

At the Main Menu of the game, you will find the Play, Stage Builder, Trophies and Options buttons. When you choose Play, the first stage is the Tutorial so you can have an overview of the succeeding levels. There are ten standard levels and nine challenge stages to play in Vex 3. Each time you level up, a new obstacle is introduced and more complex stunts are required from the stick figure.

In the Build your own stage, you can actually build your own level. And not like the previous versions, you need not unlock builder packs to build and customize your own level. You can right away build your own even before playing the pre-developed game of the game developers. And what more, you can now share it with your friends by grabbing the code and sending it to them.


The Trophies are the Achievements you have completed and had earned as you play the game. There are forty new Achievements in this version. Do you have what it takes to complete them all and finish the game as well? Find out by playing the game at

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