Plow zombies in Earn to Die

Are you fond of games involving zombies? Zombies have been a favorite character in movies, television programs and even in games. One of the zombie games you will surely love is the earn to die game. Experience the thrill of escaping from zombies and killing them all.


The story of earn to die started when hordes of zombies invaded your hometown. As a survivor, you looked from afar for a way to finally escape. Fortunately, you saw a helicopter from a distance that seemed to be waiting for survivors like you. You need a car to go to the location of the helicopter. But throughout the game, you will need three cars to reach said location.

In earn to die game, you will be plowing hordes of zombies that are trying not only to stop you but to eat you too. To kill them, you will have to drive through them as fast as you can. The more zombies you killed, the higher your score. You start off with a hatchback. Each run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, upgrade your car for better performance. You can upgrade your car’s fuel tank, engines, wheels, transmissions, weapon and boost. It would be best to upgrade your fuel tank first for your score also depends on the distance you have reached.

There are three vehicles to use to finish the earn to die game: the old good pick up and the cool heavy truck. However, the upgrades you made in one vehicle is not compatible with the others. It is not a requirement to buy the old good pick up but only the cool heavy truck can run to where the helicopter is. Nevertheless, you need to fully upgrade it to be able to reach your final destination. A decision not to buy the old good pick up in the middle of the game will prolong your travel time in going to the helicopter. In other words, it will prolong your encounter with the zombies.

The earn to die game is an addicting uphill racing game where you will enjoy plowing zombies. Play for free and see for yourself.

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