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Its bursting time with Bubble Breaker

The creativity of mankind has evolved tremendously and effectively. There are numerous inventions and creations that all of us have been enjoying and appreciating even up to this day. One of the best invention that technology has also touched is the existence of flash games. This happening leads to the enjoyment and excitement lingering in most people’s body. There is a great tool now to break the ice in terms of boredom and awkwardness. Most games are touched with colors that are primarily familiar with children’s stuff. One example is the game called Bubble Breaker.


From the title, you can sense that it has something to do with bubbles. Yes, this game is about bubble bursting. You will be provided a board with lots of colored bubbles which you have to organize as the player of this game. The greater you strategize, the higher your scores will be. Make sure that you group two or more bubbles with the same color to achieve your goal.

Collect colorful blocks in Blocky 2

If you are looking for a flash game that is very addicting and fun to engage with, Blocky 2 is the perfect fit for you. This is the second installment from the colorful flash game series called Blocky. There are three things that you can look forward into playing this game. First is the graphic design that is appealing and attractive. Second is the game play that will really test the skills of the players. Last is the challenge brought by the hurdles incorporated in the game.


If you are going to engage with this game, you should be informed first with the objective that you have to perform. You will be in a game screen composed of colorful blocks. Your goal is to create a rectangle out from the blocks that is composed of color coordinated blocks on four sides. The bigger rectangle you made, the higher scores you get.

Navigate the friendly shape in Red Ball 4: Volume 2

Shapes are usual objects seen or incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are three reasons why they are usual themes or figures virtually. First is because they are very educational which is their primary purpose of existence when it comes to the learning aspects. Second is because all of us or most of us are familiar with it which makes watching a movie or a television series and playing a flash game more enjoyable. Last reason is because they have symmetry which amaze a lot of people. There is a flash game that incorporates shapes, which is called Red Ball 4: Volume 2.

This is the fourth installment from the game series called Red Ball. Since this is already the fourth serving, gamers can expect a lot of improvements when it comes to the aesthetics and game play of the new edition. The graphics are greatly enhanced and designed. The goal is still related to the previous editions’ goal which is to navigate the red ball in the environment assigned and defeat the evil square. You can find and play this game online now!


It’s a relieving method with Skull Kid

Have you ever felt being bullied in certain times in your life? Have you ever wondered why such situation occurred? This topic is very serious and needs a lot of explanations and theories. Bullying has been one of the top issues face by many people especially kids and teens. This should be addressed right away so it will not lead into serious situations such as suicide and others. If you are being bullied or have been bullied, it is important that you seek advice and guidance from the people you trusted the most. Communication is a helpful tool to solve any problems. If you want some relieving games, this article presents Skull Kid.

Skull Kid (4)

This flash game enables players to unleash their anger in a safe and virtual way. The player will act as a bullied and fired office worker who wants to get his revenge. The situation is that the ex-office worker will go back to his company and start unleashing his anger using two different weapons. First is the chainsaw and the other one is a gun. The player must utilize each weapon to be successful. Visit for more details about this game.

Let cars pass in Traffic Control 2

Here comes another fun and addicting game that will test your skill in multitasking and your attentiveness. Traffic Control 2 is a skill game; can you be a good traffic controller? This is a multi-crossroads traffic system of a city; each crossroads has traffic light to be controlled by you. You have to let pass as many car as possible in every intersection.


You can change the traffic lights by simply clicking on the junctions. The challenge is, no more than four cars should be queuing outside the city; you will see the number of cars queuing in the queue score box. Take note too of the three different types of vehicles: sports car, truck and basic car. Each car has different speed, and there is no overtaking in this game. Play this game and see how long you can control the traffic.

It’s a foot race game with Platform Racing 3

Platform Racing 3 is the third installment from the tremendous game series called Platform Racing. This is a unique racing game because you will not race with cars but with a selected character. There are two reasons why you will like this game. First is because it is fun due to the action and gameplay presented. Second is because it is exciting due to the goal that you have to perform or execute. This foot race game is perfect for bonding during break times at the office or leisure time with the family. You can also send this to your friends so they can enjoy this game as well. For further details about Platform Racing 3, just rely on the next paragraph.


The player will select his or her character in this game. The goal is to race ahead of opponents or againsts a clock. There are two modes that a player can choose. First is the single player where he or she will try to race againsts a clock or timer. The second mode is multiplayer where he or she can play and race with other online gamers. Don’t forget to collect items that are useful in the game such as jet pack, laser gun and portable mine.

Evil car bumping adventure in Vehicles 1

Vehicles have been very helpful to mankind for a very long time and even up to now. There are many games existing online which have a theme about vehicles. The challenge to make a game standout depends on the creativity of game creators. They have to plan and create with authenticity and entertainment. This article is truly focus on a flash game that really promotes vehicles and it is called Vehicles 1.


If you are wondering what your goal is, the answer points out to bumping cars, specifically, evil cars. You will have to use the different light colored cars to push or bump the bad ones out of the way and park the light cars on the designated place. There are instances that the obstacles are easy to pull through while others are quite tough to overcome. Enjoy 25 exciting levels and tremendous adventure by searching for Vehicles 1 through different gaming websites.

Help the character in its goal with Telepoultry

Chicken is one of the most well-known animals in the entire world. It gives a lot of things to mankind. It can be a good source of protein which are integral for human’s muscle development and sustained energy. It can also be a good source of eggs which can be transformed or made into different dishes possible. It can also be a good source of income through the creation or establishment of poultry business. The good thing about this business is that it is multipurpose in terms of personal and business reasons. There is a flash game that truly incorporates poultry and it is called Telepoultry.



It is so nice to see that there is a unique way to incorporate chickens in flash game. If you want to engage with Telepoultry, you should be able to know the objective first. You must be able to guide and navigate a chicken named Bawk Bawk. It has a mission to find the farmer and be the meal on the table. It is quite ironic that the chicken wants to be the meal but it is indeed. Help the chicken overcome obstacles and reach the farm in no time.

Focus on the red ones in Red Remover 3

Colors are great things that have importance to mankind. There are three advantages of their existence. First one pertains to the effect that color brings to a plain object or background. Second is because of the fact that it makes everything lively and attractive. Last is because they give life to mankind in all forms and all ways. There is a flash game that highly appreciates colors and it is called Red Remover 3. This flash game is the third from the series where it is part of. Continue reading this article to have a glimpse of information about this game.


This flash game has a simple objective for players to execute which is to remove or eliminate the red colored objects from the screen or levels presented. The red ones come in different shapes such as rectangles, squares and circles. The light colored ones are easy to eliminate while the darker ones are quite tough to remove. Be mindful that all red must go, all green must stay while blues are neutral or have no effect with your overall score. You can find this game on the best site online.

Test your reaction time in Cube Field

The good thing about flash games online is that they are varied and entertaining. The main purpose of these flash games is to offer entertainment. It is a bonus if they are educational and multipurpose. One great aspect of flash games is the uniqueness and distinction which are interesting and amazing. One good example is the flash game called Cube Field. This is a game created by Max Abernethy. It mainly focuses on the player’s ability and skill which is related to reaction time and perception. To know more about this game, you can freely scan and skim the entire content of this article.

As mentioned earlier, this has something to do with reaction time and perception of the player. The objective of the gamer is to reach the end point as well as avoiding the square cubes set up on his or her path. The success of the player will depend on his or her reaction time as well as his or her virtual perception since the cubes may vary in their movements and position. This is a good game for people who want challenge and excitement.

cube field