Learn some etiquettes in Bathroom Simulator

Bath Simulator is a quiz game about male public toilet. It will test your etiquette and awareness on different situations when using a public washroom. You will be given a situation and you will choose which urinal or stall is the most appropriate to use. Left-click on which urinal or stall you think is the best answer. An explanation is given after your answer why a urinal or stall is appropriate or not.

Bathroom Simulator (4)

Take note that in this game, the man with long hair and wearing a biker shirt is a psychopath. You will be asked to answer twenty situations or levels. No need to worry about scores, the game is not about winning. It was made to give you some pointers and lectures. But if you are really after a perfect score, you can go through the walkthrough or simply play the game again remembering the correct answer in each situation.

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