It is about good bomb utilization and execution in Bomb It 6

Bomb It 6 is the sixth installment from the game series called Bomb It. This is a unique game that involves bomb as the main weapon. There are three reasons why most players will like this game. One is because it utilizes bombs as the weapons. Second is because of the main character which is cute and appealing to the eyes. Third reason is because of the entertainment factors it has such as features and graphics. Since this is already the sixth edition from the series named Bomb It, avid players can expect more challenges and difficult platforms to play into.

The objective is still the same which is to eliminate enemies by bombing them using bombs and other destructive weapons available in the field. There will be moments or situations where the enemies are piling up towards you that might confuse you on which one to execute first. The technique there is you have to gage the field at the first moments of the game in order to analyze your space towards them. Bomb your way to the top at

Bomb It 6 (3)

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