Hunt treasures in Duck Life 5

Have you ever played the Duck Life game series? It is an addicting game series where you will train your duckling, join contests and tournaments. It all started when a farmer lost his farm due to a tornado and the only thing left was a duck egg. When the egg hatched, he trained the duckling in the skills of running, flying and swimming. When he had trained it enough, he let it join races with the intention to use the winnings as a start up to rebuild his farm.


The farmer had saved and rebuilt his farm. But seeing that the duckling has potentials and having tasted victory, the farmer trained it in more skills: running, flying, swimming, climbing and endurance. The competition is much harder and obstacles are made tougher. Then the farmer had genetically modified eggs: that means ducklings evolve and has human qualities. But in the next installment, behind the success of the tournament, genetically modified ducks were banned from joining competitions. So training the duckling is back to basics. Only this time, there is a trainer to help train ducklings.

Of all these installments, duck life 5 became the most popular of all, probably because it has a different goal. This time, help the duckling in its treasure hunt quest. The Fire Duck has been defeated and the volcano has remained dormant. But rumor has of mysterious hidden treasures in the cave of the volcano.

Venture into treasure hunting in duck life 5. There are no Championship Cups or tournaments or any race to win. Although there is a competition, you are not competing for a winning. Your goal is simply to find the hidden treasures. Along your way, collect as much coins as possible.

There are several stores outside the cave in duck life 5. When you have earned enough, you can visit each store and see what you can afford to make your adventure a little easier. There are the Pet Shop where you can buy pets, the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories, the Hairdresser and clothing stores where you can personalized your duckling, the JetPack Shop where you can purchase jetpacks and the With Ducktor Store where you can buy tools to collect more coins.

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