Dodge the colored cubes in Cube Field

There are flash games that have complicated controls and gameplay which aim to test the players to their limits. There are flash games that have educational values which aim to raise awareness to certain stuffs which can be applied in real life. There are games that have simple instructions and details but have tougher and crazy action involved. One good example is the flash game presented in this article which is called Cube Field. This is a game that features thousands of colored cubes that are appealing and confusing at the same time.

cube field

There are two reasons why you will love this particular flash game. First is because of the challenge presented to players. Second is because of the colorful objects which is perfect for raising awareness to young gamers around the world. If you are one of the curious gamers, then you should be able to perform your goal or objective which is to dodge the colored cubes using the arrow keys. This is a matter of timing and quick reflexes to be successful in this game.

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