A great gameplay presented in Man or Monster

Are you familiar with the flash game called Man or Monster? If not, then you are fortunate enough to be reading this article because it exactly presents certain details about the mentioned games. Man or Monster is a flash game that involves a lot of shooting action and weapons with an extraordinary gameplay. But before we go on the details, let us briefly tackle two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is because of the graphics and design that add up to the entertainment value of the entire game. Second is because of the option that you will be choosing in between which is connected to the title.


Going back to the main topic, you will be going on an adventure in different cities around the world. The unique thing about this particular game is the chance for you to play as a monster hunter or a man eater. The former refers to being a human or man while the latter refers to being a monster. If you choose to be a man, you will have to defend the cities from the monsters. But if you choose to be a monster, do your best to create huge destruction in the world.

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