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Plow zombies in Earn to Die

Are you fond of games involving zombies? Zombies have been a favorite character in movies, television programs and even in games. One of the zombie games you will surely love is the earn to die game. Experience the thrill of escaping from zombies and killing them all.


The story of earn to die started when hordes of zombies invaded your hometown. As a survivor, you looked from afar for a way to finally escape. Fortunately, you saw a helicopter from a distance that seemed to be waiting for survivors like you. You need a car to go to the location of the helicopter. But throughout the game, you will need three cars to reach said location.

In earn to die game, you will be plowing hordes of zombies that are trying not only to stop you but to eat you too. To kill them, you will have to drive through them as fast as you can. The more zombies you killed, the higher your score. You start off with a hatchback. Each run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, upgrade your car for better performance. You can upgrade your car’s fuel tank, engines, wheels, transmissions, weapon and boost. It would be best to upgrade your fuel tank first for your score also depends on the distance you have reached.

There are three vehicles to use to finish the earn to die game: the old good pick up and the cool heavy truck. However, the upgrades you made in one vehicle is not compatible with the others. It is not a requirement to buy the old good pick up but only the cool heavy truck can run to where the helicopter is. Nevertheless, you need to fully upgrade it to be able to reach your final destination. A decision not to buy the old good pick up in the middle of the game will prolong your travel time in going to the helicopter. In other words, it will prolong your encounter with the zombies.

The earn to die game is an addicting uphill racing game where you will enjoy plowing zombies. Play for free and see for yourself.

Roll and jump in Red Ball

Are you looking for a fun game to play while killing time? Do you enjoy playing physics-based adventure games? Try the Red Ball game and see if you have what it takes to finish the game. it is a fast paced game and is all about running, jumping and not be caught on traps or fall down from the platforms.

Help the red ball through each level by reaching the final red flag. However, the journey will not be that easy. There are a lot of problems to be solved and obstacles to get through. As the red ball rolls and jump, it must not fall off the platforms. It must surpass obstacles and continue on its journey.


There are seventeen levels to get through, the first few levels being tutorial. New obstacles will be introduced in each level. Some of these obstacles are deadly, such as the spikes. There are checkpoints scattered everywhere represented by the little red flag. In case the red ball dies, it will go back to the last checkpoint he had passed. But take note that you have to run over the little flag to record your presence. If you only jumped on it, the game will not consider that you have reached beyond the checkpoint.

The Red Ball game is a simple logic game where you will have to think how to get through the obstacles and problems. It will also test your hand and eye coordination. It is not a very easy game to play but it is challenging enough. There is also ease of control. To control red ball, use your left and right arrow keys for the direction of the ball. Even children can play the game and finish it. It is safe to let children play it since no violence or foul words would be found in the entire game. it would be appealing to them because of the great graphics and the concept that the main character is just playing. The game will even enhance the child’s problem solving ability. And the best thing is the fact that you can play the game for free at gaming websites.

Hunt treasures in Duck Life 5

Have you ever played the Duck Life game series? It is an addicting game series where you will train your duckling, join contests and tournaments. It all started when a farmer lost his farm due to a tornado and the only thing left was a duck egg. When the egg hatched, he trained the duckling in the skills of running, flying and swimming. When he had trained it enough, he let it join races with the intention to use the winnings as a start up to rebuild his farm.


The farmer had saved and rebuilt his farm. But seeing that the duckling has potentials and having tasted victory, the farmer trained it in more skills: running, flying, swimming, climbing and endurance. The competition is much harder and obstacles are made tougher. Then the farmer had genetically modified eggs: that means ducklings evolve and has human qualities. But in the next installment, behind the success of the tournament, genetically modified ducks were banned from joining competitions. So training the duckling is back to basics. Only this time, there is a trainer to help train ducklings.

Of all these installments, duck life 5 became the most popular of all, probably because it has a different goal. This time, help the duckling in its treasure hunt quest. The Fire Duck has been defeated and the volcano has remained dormant. But rumor has of mysterious hidden treasures in the cave of the volcano.

Venture into treasure hunting in duck life 5. There are no Championship Cups or tournaments or any race to win. Although there is a competition, you are not competing for a winning. Your goal is simply to find the hidden treasures. Along your way, collect as much coins as possible.

There are several stores outside the cave in duck life 5. When you have earned enough, you can visit each store and see what you can afford to make your adventure a little easier. There are the Pet Shop where you can buy pets, the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories, the Hairdresser and clothing stores where you can personalized your duckling, the JetPack Shop where you can purchase jetpacks and the With Ducktor Store where you can buy tools to collect more coins.

Strike Heroes Force 3

If you love playing action-packed shooting games, you should not miss playing Strike Force Heroes game series. Every installment is full of challenging missions. And the third in the series, Strike Force Heroes 3, even gives an interesting storyline and will leave some thrills. Find out more at After you finish this one, you can also play all installments for free.

In Strike Force Heroes 3, the game begins with a cutscene where GlobeX is having a meeting with his cronies and allies. They were talking about the Strike Force Heroes and world domination. They have cloned the heroes, made an army of them and will use the clones in their dark plan so the world will only blame the Strike Force Heroes. Being the only one not under their control, it is now your job to stop the clones at all cost, and GlobeX himself. However, you have no knowledge where and who GlobeX is. And being the captain, the decision is all yours such as how many team members you will take, what color of uniforms they will have, and a lot more.

This installment has a total of fifty missions. The difficulty of the first twenty missions is considered as normal. The next nine missions, or missions twenty one to twenty eight, are considered hard in difficulty. And the remaining missions, Missions twenty nine to fifty, are the most difficult ones. Every mission has its own objectives and rewards. The rewards include cash, a new class of strike force heroes or combination of both. And if you will win against the enemies, you also unlock the next mission. Using your cash, you can upgrade your heroes and you can buy them accessories too.


There are various classes of strike force heroes in the game. Some of them are the Engineer, the Gunslinger and the Strife. Each class has its own basic statistics and its own traits. Some traits could also be a weakness to the squad. Every class of hero earns experience points according to their performance. When they have earned enough experience points, they level up. Their levels determined the upgrades available for them. Every hero has their specific primary and secondary weapons and Mods too.

Vex 3 game

If you are up for some challenging game, you should test your skills in the Vex game series. Vex games are among the most popular games online. Help the stick figure do some running, jumping, swimming and sliding. You must move fast but not too fast for there are a lot of traps and obstacles along the way. Try the first and second version first and see for yourself if you can get through in each and every level. If indeed you had survived the two games, then go on with the third edition. But of course, you can always choose which installment you want to play.

Vex 3 is said to be the hardest and most challenging sequel of the game series. It was engineered with more and harder obstacles. It also requires more complex actions and strategies from the stick figure. The stick figure will do more than running, jumping, swimming and sliding. There are levels that he will need to do some acrobatic acts. And swiftness is always needed while avoiding or going through the obstacles.

At the Main Menu of the game, you will find the Play, Stage Builder, Trophies and Options buttons. When you choose Play, the first stage is the Tutorial so you can have an overview of the succeeding levels. There are ten standard levels and nine challenge stages to play in Vex 3. Each time you level up, a new obstacle is introduced and more complex stunts are required from the stick figure.

In the Build your own stage, you can actually build your own level. And not like the previous versions, you need not unlock builder packs to build and customize your own level. You can right away build your own even before playing the pre-developed game of the game developers. And what more, you can now share it with your friends by grabbing the code and sending it to them.


The Trophies are the Achievements you have completed and had earned as you play the game. There are forty new Achievements in this version. Do you have what it takes to complete them all and finish the game as well? Find out by playing the game at

Defeat the alien objects and weird animals in Temple Guardian

Do you want a strategy game to ponder and experience? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get excited about the featured game in this article. The name of the game is Temple Guardian. This is all about defending the temple. There are two reasons why you have to play this game. First is because of the fact that it is a strategy game where one’s thinking can be improved. Second is because of the graphics and themes that are attractive and mesmerizing to play and watch.

The scenario in this game is that alien animals and weird objects are trying to invade your temple. Your goal is to stop them by building catapults and defense towers in order to avoid and hurdle the animals and other creatures right away. You must be able to strategically put the towers at the right place and at the right time.

Temple Guardian (2)

Shoot the snakes down in Crazy Castle

Are you looking for a great shooting game? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely be glad to be scanning or skimming this content due to the fact that it features the game that you are looking for. The game is called Crazy Castle. To stop your guessing game on why it is entitled as it is, the answer is because of the crazy things that will happen on the gameplay.

Crazy Castle is created by and released in 2005. The story in this game is that you own a castle that everyone is trying to destroy, especially snakes. They are rampantly giving their all to demolish your beloved Kingdom. Your ultimate goal is to shoot down the vicious snakes as many as you can with the help of different shooting weapons and boosts that can upgrade your shooting performance right away. Enjoy this fantastic game now and have a blast shooting.


Learn some etiquettes in Bathroom Simulator

Bath Simulator is a quiz game about male public toilet. It will test your etiquette and awareness on different situations when using a public washroom. You will be given a situation and you will choose which urinal or stall is the most appropriate to use. Left-click on which urinal or stall you think is the best answer. An explanation is given after your answer why a urinal or stall is appropriate or not.

Bathroom Simulator (4)

Take note that in this game, the man with long hair and wearing a biker shirt is a psychopath. You will be asked to answer twenty situations or levels. No need to worry about scores, the game is not about winning. It was made to give you some pointers and lectures. But if you are really after a perfect score, you can go through the walkthrough or simply play the game again remembering the correct answer in each situation.

Play Baseball Daily without going out of your house

If you want to strike something real hard with a bat, it better be a ball. And baseball is one of the most famous ball hitting sports that is in the world today. And we’re bringing you the best baseball games there is. Throw some wicked curveball or hit that homerun for your team. Either of which you like, we got you covered. Will you go for the base or strike down and go back to the dugout.

Baseball Game (1)

Master your batting or catching skills with our exciting games. Timing is everything! So what you need is that fast reaction speed and great reflex to guide your team to victory. Most of the games only need the mouse as the control. Gameplay may vary depending on the game you are playing; you may be the batter so get your swinging arm fired up, or the pitcher, if you want to use your throwing arm. Get ready for those fast balls that are coming fast for you. Or get ready to throw them down to the enemy batter. Like the real thing, these games require a lot of practice and a lot of time to master. For all those baseball fans that want to avoid the heat and do not want to go outside we have the perfect solution for you to spend time with your favorite sport indoor.

Enjoy playing baseball games online in the comfort of your couch at home. Enjoy playing it with less effort but with same excitement. You love baseball but can’t play it? It’s time for you to shine! It’s just a click away! You can now experience the tough and exciting experience of batting and catching the ball in baseball games without having a lot of trainings for it, no need for a lot of practice to play.

Find your way out and Escape From The Mall

Are you good at solving problems or mysteries? Are you up for another challenging escape game? Then try to Escape from the mall. It is another point and click puzzle escape game. You went to the mall to have a shopping spree. But then, you just woke up and realized you are locked up in the mall and all alone. You must get out from there and fast.

You have to find items and clues to find your escape. When you find an item, you just need to think what to do with it every item or clue you find is a step closer to your escape. It is only a short game but challenging enough for your enjoyment. And if you really cannot find your escape and you think you need help, you can find a walkthrough on the internet.